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Callus formation is also commonly encountered due to some collagen changes in the skin, bony prominences from changes in the feet structure or just the gait (walking) pattern of the feet. It is recommended that care should be utilized to decrease pressure by wearing correct shoegear, adjusting insoles through orthotics and/or trimming of calluses if they become increased in thickness. Some lotions may also help, including a commonly recommended lotion in our office called Atractain. In young children flat feet can occur normally, and as the tendons tighten over time the condition will go away on its own. However, there are other ways that a person can develop flat feet. The shape of our feet changes greatly as we grow. A baby's foot has mostly cartilage framework as the bones haven't completely ossified at birth. The structure and muscles are usually hidden by baby fat thus the lack of contour. As we begin to walk, the foot begins to form an arch and displace the fat to the appropriate areas of the foot. A fairly common problem for some children is the lack of an arch. You may know this as flat feet but your podiatrist refers to it as pes planus.pes planus angle Since I do not have flat feet, I conducted a magical internet search looking for suggestions from other flat-footed, bunioned chicks. These five brands are known for top-notch anatomical arch support and pronation control (often a problem caused by flat feet). The styles listed are bunion-friendly, meaning they either have soft uppers or adjustable straps that shouldn't aggravate bunion area. Shop late in the day – It is advisable to go shopping for the perfect pair of shoes later in the day for research studies suggest that your feet swell up during the day. This will cause hindrance in figuring out the exact shape and size of your feet. If shoes suddenly start to cause problems, such as corns, after several years wear it probably means that the shoes have lost their shape. Much as you may love that particular pair of shoes it is best to throw them away as they will give you pain and discomfort each time you wear them. Ivy Morris specializes in health, fitness, beauty, fashion and music. Her work has appeared in "Sacramento News and Review," "Prosper Magazine" and "Sacramento Parent Magazine," among other publications. Morris also writes for medical offices and legal practices. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in government-journalism from Sacramento State University. Whether experiencing pain or not, the general public and many of patients are quite concerned about their flatfeet. As if the flatfoot is a ticking time bomb that will ruin their life, everyone wants to know what they can do for their flat feet! There is truth to when your feet hurt your whole body hurts, but often, the trick to keep your feet happy is not taking them under the knife. With that said, there are a considerable number of people who benefit greatly from surgical reconstruction of their foot. These people have exhausted all conservative treatments that have all failed to bring them relief.